Black Rifle Challenge

Contact: Terry Kirkpatrick (402)770-8377

The Black Rifle Challenge was created to provide a shooting opportunity for all of us who built or bought a “modern sporting rifle” and have since tucked it in the gun safe. It’s time to bring them into the light on a simple yet challenging event. Along the way you’ll find local top-shots to teach you marksmanship skills, learn range safety and match etiquette, and see why shooting sports are a great American pastime.


RIFLE: Any Modern Sporting Rifle such as AR-15s or SCARs; semi-auto, gas-operated, with any type of sight. Shooters will be grouped with similar set-ups for accurate score comparison. The divisions will be Tactical or Target rifle with Iron Sights, Scopes, or EO Tech style sights.

CLOTHING: Street clothes. No canvas shooting jackets or padded mitts.

ACCESSORIES: Bipods and Sandbags will be used in the first two dates. Slings will be used later. Bring a spotting scope and shooting mat as well.

LOCATION: 300 Yard Range

DATES: April through September. One Sunday each month.

SCHEDULE: Match starts at 10 AM. Please show up early to sight-in and participate in marksmanship clinics. Range Safety Officers will be on hand to help with sight-in.


RULES & ETIQUETTE: Participants will follow all directions from the Range Safety Officers. Shooters will be expected to score targets, spot for each other, and set-up & tear down range.

COACHING: Absolutely allowed. There will be many experienced shooters acting as RSOs who want to see you succeed. Ask Questions, or simply find the top shooters and watch to see how they do it.

COURSES OF FIRE: Each month shooters will shoot paper targets and steel silhouettes. The range will be 200 & 300 yards. April, May, June & July will be 30 round courses, 10 shots at each stage. August & September will be 50-shot matches. Things start easy with Benchrest and Prone Supported positions. Then we will teach and shoot a more challenging course; Sitting and Prone Unsupported. Each course of fire will be shot twice. April & May will be the same, then June & July, and August & September. This will provide a “learning” month and then an opportunity to beat your previous score.

MATCH DIRECTOR’S INTENT: This event was created to provide a grassroots introduction to organized shooting. We want to all participants to walk away from this with a working knowledge of Range Safety, Improved marksmanship skills, and the confidence to try out other shooting competitions.

Safety First, Last and Always