NOTE: All events are now listed on the calendar only. For best results contact the match director to confirm any last minute changes.

With the onset of winter, the monthly CMP match has been moved to the 75-yard range and is being shot on reduced size targets. This has sped the match up a lot and also allows people to shoot with .22 rifles instead of their regular centerfires. Everyone had so much fun that a few of us have decided to start a regular match based on the CMP Rimfire Sporter rules.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program came up with the Rimfire Sporter event as a way to make it easier for people to get into competitive rifle shooting. The match is open to most rifles chambered in .22 LR that weigh less than 7½ pounds.

Scoped rifles and receiver mounted peep sights compete in the Telescopic class, and iron sighted rifles compete in the Open Sight class.

The course of fire is shot at both 25 and 50 yards and consists of 60 rounds fired from the standing, seated, and prone positions. A shooting sling is allowed, but no shooting coats or shooting gloves. The targets are big enough that beginning shooters should be able to score hits fairly easily, but since the 10 ring is only 1¾ inches in diameter it’s still going to be plenty challenging for expert shooters. According to the CMP, no one has ever fired a perfect score since the event’s first match in 2002.

We’re planning on making this event easily accessible to anyone who wants to shoot, especially for kids. This is a very low cost way to get your son, your niece, or the neighbors kid into shooting. The rules are designed to allow just about any .22 sporter to be competitive, so don’t worry if you don’t have any fancy equipment.

Complete match rules can be found at: thecmp.org/wp-content/uploads/CMPGamesRules.pdf.

If you have any questions about the match, or the equipment needed, you can e-mail Heidi Hillhouse at: heidihillhouse@gmail.com -or- Chris Lesiak at: cjlesiak@gmail.com.