Lost and Found

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Lost During the week of December 15th, 2014, I LOST THE FRONT TARGET SIGHT off of my 1911 on the pistol range. It is about 3/8" tall and flat black. Flat on the front and ramped on the back. I was shooting on the position 2nd in from the north side. If you find it, please contact me. Jim Vaughn
Lost 10 magazines for a Marlin 795 22LR.
All were 10 round nickle plated Factory Marlin magazines.
All of the magazines were marked with a scribed number 1 through 10, and many of them have had weld points polished down to better fit the 2 rifles I own.
I kept the magazines in an empty Federal 525 bulk pack box.
Dan Walz
Found Large Caliber Handgun Wes Sheets
Found 1 range bag with gun rugs
shooting glasses in case
2 shell bags with belts
day planner
Office help during Thur. p.m. trap league
Lost Green Bag Chair (left at pistol range) Charles Luginbill