Members 300 Yard Practice

Mike Shapoval (402)420-5763

Members 300 Yard Practice Rules

The calendar contains the dates and times that our RSO's (Range Safety Officers) have volunteered to have the 300-yard range open and available to our members. These dates and times are published in the calendars in the monthly newsletters and on the website. They are also posted on the bulletin boards located at the various shooting ranges.

Hunter Sight-in DaysMembers Practicing on the 300-Yard Range

These events will be free-of-charge. Targets will be provided for you at the cost of 50¢ each — if you don’t provide your own targets. If you plan on attending one of these events, PLEASE stop at the 100-yard range first and get your rifle zeroed.

It is REQUIRED that all first-time shooters be qualified by the RSO before they are allowed to shoot on the 300-yard range. To qualify, a shooter must first demonstrate that they and their equipment are capable of shooting five shots into a six-inch circle at 200 yards. Once qualified, your name will be added to the Range Book for future reference. If you are unable to accomplish this requirement, you will not be allowed to shoot on the 300-yard range.

This requirement is enforced to provide a safe shooting environment to protect our neighbors, and to reduce the damage to the target boards from bullets that do not hit the paper.

NOTE: The RSO is “THE AUTHORITY” on the range. Anyone who fails to comply with the RSO's directions will be asked to leave the range immediately!