Self-Use Trap Ranges

Lincoln Izaak Walton League - Trap Range

The self-use traps are the first two traps located on the east end of the trap range, and are numbered 1 and 2 (east to west) respectively, and are conveniently located adjacent to the club house parking lot.


General Use

The #1, #2 and #3 traps ranges are available for use from Sunrise to 10:00 p.m. If you turn on the lights, it is your responsibility to turn them off when you leave.

Scheduled Events

The self-use traps are not available for general use during the following special events:

The traps are not available for use during scheduled trap activities (leagues and shoots) which includes our high school practices on Monday thru Thur. from 3:30 to 6:30 (February – April). This is the only time that teams have the entire range reserved for practices thus the rest of time Traps #1, #2 and #3 are open to membership on first come basis.

Payment Procedure:

The cardholder is responsible for recording the number of rounds shot on the sign-up sheet which is hanging on the bulletin board inside of the traps #1, #2 & #3. Place the money for the round fees in the locked metal box. The box is attached to the wall of the trap house. (Please pay by check whenever possible.) Also remember that this is on the honor system. It is important that everyone pays in order to keep our prices down.

Trap Cards

General Information:

Responsibility of the Trap Cardholder:

The Self-use Trap cardholder is considered the Range Master on the range they are shooting on, and must be present when the trap is being used and is responsible for his or her family and guests. When two or more trap card holders are present, they all have responsibility to maintain a safe shooting environment.


Guest passes are not required on the Self-use Trap ranges


Cardholder’s Spouse
All Youths (18 or younger)
Non-Cardholders (19 or older) $6.00

Payment Procedure:


Operating the Self-Use Traps

Safety for the shooters and visitors is foremost in the interests of the Ikes. All cardholders have been trained on the safe use of the trap house. As the cardholder, you are the club’s representative for safety.

About the Trap House

The trap house is equipped with a ground fault interrupt “GFI”. It is located on the plug-in on the left side of the trap house as you look into the house. The one GFI controls the plug-ins on both sides of the trap house but not the light. If the trap does not work and a small light is evident between the plug-ins the GFI has been tripped. Reset the GFI by pressing the button below the light. Power is restored when the light goes off.


Clay Delay Voice Activated Rock Throwing System

Trap 2 has an optional cordless voice-activate system. The lock box combination is available for a nominal fee of $10. Contact the Self-Use Trap Chairman below to arrange for fee payment and lockbox combination. For information on how to use the voice-activated system download the instructions below:

download: Clay Delay Auto-Puller Setup Instructions

Throwing Doubles

All traps are capable of throwing doubles. For instructions on how to configure the trap machine to throw doubles download the instructions below:

download: Throwing Doubles Setup Instructions

Opening the Trap House

  1. Plug in the trap.
  2. Push the “pump motor switch” to the ON position. (During cold weather please allow the motor to run 10 minutes or more to warm up the oil prior to arming).
  3. Unroll the cord. Pull the signal cord and push button or foot operated controller out to the firing line by the cord, not by the controller. Pulling the cord out by the controller will damage the controller and the trap machine will not eject targets.
  4. Stand to the side of the trap when arming or disarming the trap.
  5. Put the throwing arm switch in the ON position.

Closing the Trap House

  1. Disarm by pushing the outside switch on the box down to release prior to turning off the motor, which will throw the target.
  2. Push the “pump motor switch” to the OFF position.
  3. Unplug the trap machine to avoid potential damage to the machine from lightning strikes.
  4. Fill the carousel with rocks and scoop out the broken rocks off of the trap house floor.
  5. Wrap up the cord.
  6. Record your shooting on the clipboard and pay the cash box.
  7. Close the front door to the trap house and lock it.
  8. Break down and take the empty cardboard boxes to the dumpster west of the green steel building.

Pattern Board

The pattern board is located just east of Trap #1. No shot larger that number 4 can be used on the board as larger shot will cause damage. Also only lead shot is allowed to avoid ricochets.

Problems, Questions or Suggestions


If you have a problem with the trap house that you cannot resolve or there is no power to the trap house, then please contact:

Dave Tunink
Phone: 402-483-4973
Craig or Natalie Keaschall
Phone: 402-499-9767 or 402-560-7750

Questions or Suggestions

If you have a question or suggestion regarding the self-use trap range, please contact the Self-Use Trap Chairman above or the Club Manager.