Vintage Military Bolt Rifle Match (VNRM)

Mike Alexander (402)423-9141 - or - Ed Mason (402)540-1413

NOTE: All events are now listed on the calendar only. For best results contact the match director to confirm any last minute changes.


The match will consist of three paper targets, all being shot at 100 yards. The first tatget will be ten rounds from the standing off-hand position. The second target will be ten rounds from the sitting position. The third target will be ten rounds from the prone position. The combined score for all thirty shots will determine the match winner for each class. A time limit of ten minutes will be allowed to fire the required ten rounds for each target. There will be a sight-in period at the start of each match to get on paper. During the match no sighting shots will be allowed – only shots for score. The use of slings will be allowed.


STOCK MILITARY BOLT RIFLE — Any bolt action rifle used by any army as a standard Military rifle. The rifle must appear on the outside to be unaltered. Trigger jobs are allowed. No target sights or hooded sights allowed. (1903-A3, K31 Swiss, Mauser, 1917, Enfield, Mosin, Ross)

MILITARY TARGET CLASS — Any of the above mentioned rifles fitted with target iron sights.

MILITARY SNIPER CLASS — Any military rifle used as a standard sniper rifle by any army prior to the Viet Nam war. (No heavy barreled varmint rifles allowed) The intent is to scope a 96 Swede, 98 Mauser, 91/30, K31, 1903A3 or something similar. The mounts and scope do not have to be “as issued”. Most of the scopes used on the old snipers were not more than 6 power, so if you mount a variable scope, the match must be shot on 6 power. A 3x9 scope with mildots in a modern mount is legal as long as the match is shot at 6 power or below. No target turrets with scales are allowed.


As it is not possible to list all of the military bolt guns that may be brought to the match, each rifle that is not listed above will have to be approved and assigned a class by the match director. Any military surplus ammunition must be checked and approved by the match director before the match. This will be to insure that it is safe and in good condition for range use. Steel core and FMJ will be allowed. At any time, if the match director determines that a rifle or ammunition is unsafe, he may request that it not be used. All decisions by the match director are final.