Youth .22 Rifle Silhouette

Dates: May 12, 2016 to Sept. 8, 2016
Time: 6pm to 8pm

Rifle: .22 Rimfire chambered for Short, Long or Long Rifle only

Sights: Open, Peep or Scope

Safety: Safety glasses and hearing protection are mandatory

Other: not required, suggested only - mat, spotting scope, ammo block, clear bore/chamber indicator, bug spray

Rules: Current NRA Rifle Silhouette Rules (2014) - this is not competition, introductory only.  Rules will be relaxed. (SEE BELOW for a match description)

Fee: $5.00 per head per night

For Questions call Shane Krause at 402-540-7543

The basic course of fire is the same, 10 chickens, 10 pigs, 10 turkeys and 10 rams. The animals are fired upon within a specific time limit.

Each animal-target is set up in two groups of five, and is fired upon from a single firing line. The shooting sequence follows:

  • At the ‘Ready’ command, the competitors may handle their rifles, as desired, set their sights and load their firearm. After fifteen seconds, the ’Fire’ command is given. Each competitor has 2½ minuets to fire one shot at each target in sequence from left to right. Out of sequence ‘hits’ are scored as misses; for example, the second shot hitting the third silhouette is a miss. Once the 2½; minutes has expired the ‘cease fire’ command is given. There is a 30-second waiting period, and then the next five silhouettes are shot.
  • After the ten targets are fired upon. The shooter resets the targets for the next shooter, and then moves onto the next sequence of animal-targets. Small-bore rifle is fired from 40 to 100 meters on targets on fifth the standard size, with .22 caliber long or long rifle cartridges only.
  • All rifle silhouette shooting is done from the standing position, without the aid of any artificial support such as heavy shooting jackets and or slings.

The rules are simple and easy to understand: either the target is hit and falls or it is missed. The shooting positions are easy to learn but difficult to execute-anyone can shoot silhouettes, but practice and skills are required to win. For shooters and spectators alike, the instant feedback of a hit makes the game especially enjoyable.

What type of equipment is needed?

  • Any good quality .22 caliber rifle.
  • Any .22 caliber standard velocity ammunitions. The standard velocity ammunitions are more consistent and accurate.
  • Preferred sights are scopes ranging from 4-power on up.
  • A shooting companion to help spot where the bullets are striking is truly helpful.

Safety First, Last and Always