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Archery Range

Ranges & Matches

There are no organized archery programs scheduled at this time on our facility. However, members are invited to utilize any of the five practice butts, the simulated ground blind, or the elevated shooting platform for practice. Located in the shady confines to the north of the rifle ranges, the ranges are open from sunrise to sunset for the enjoyment of our members. On occasion, youth training may take precedence so please consult the calendar in our newsletter or website.

Each practice butt has marking bricks and extend from 15 yards out to 60 or 70 yards. PLEASE DO NOT shoot broadheads at any of the butt targets, but use the dedicated broadhead pit for broadheads. NO FIREARMS are allowed in the archery range. You are welcome to bring your own targets to set in front of target butts.

For more information on the archery range contact, please contact our Archery Chairman Chuck Severn at 402.430.3090.

Archery Range Rules

·      No firearms, air guns, paintball or BB guns allowed.

·      When entering the archery range, watch for other people who may already be on the range.

·      Make a quick trip to all stations to see if anyone else is using the range.

·      If someone else is on the range, introduce yourself and explain what you will be doing and which targets you will be using.

·      Spectators must remain behind the shooting line.

·      Firing of arrows is prohibited while anyone is forward of the shooting line. Before firing at any target, be sure no one is behind the target or in the background.

·      Shoot only at designated targets.

·      If you should need to go behind a target to hunt for an arrow, hang your bow or something on the target you are going to be behind to alert other shooters of where you are.

·      Do NOT dig field points out of targets. If stuck, unscrew you arrow and leave field point in the target. Field points are cheap; targets are not. Try using release oil on your field points.

·      Absolutely no broadheads are to be used anywhere except the Broadhead Target.

·      Aim low on broadhead target to be sure arrow stays in pit. Put something on target when you go behind to retrieve arrows to let others know you are behind the target.

·      Only four people allowed on the elevated shooting stand at one time, of which no more than two may be shooters.

·      Only two shooters allowed in the ground blind at one time.

·      Do NOT go west of fence on the west side of the archery range at any time.

·      Only one shooter firing per target.

·      Rules may change in the event of a tournament with many shooters. Rules of the day apply.