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.22 CMP Rimfire Sporter Rifle

Rifle/Pistol Matches

The match is a 60 round bullseye match with both slow and rapid fire stages in three positions (prone, seated or kneeling at the shooters choice, and standing).  Prone and seated or kneeling stages are fired from 50 yards; standing is fired from 25 yards.


Items needed to participate:

Rifle chambered in .22LR with a minimum magazine capacity of 5 rounds and 7.5 pound maximum weight

60 rounds of 22LR for score plus whatever you need for sighting in

Eye and ear protection

$10 entry fee


Option items:

Rifle sling (maximum width of 1.25 inches)

Spotting scope

Shooting mat

Sun screen

Bug spray

Drinking water


CMP Games Competition Rules for Rifle and Pistol (2024) 11th Edition

CMP Guide to Rimfire Sporter Shooting