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Project Appleseed

Rifle/Pistol Matches

Project Appleseed

2024 Dates are scheduled for April 20-21,2024.

This is a traditional 25m Project Appleseed rifle event.

Both Centerfire and 22 Rimfire rifles are allowed at this event.

Safety Notice:

Firearms must be cased and left in vehicle until after the Safety Briefing. Do Not bring your firearms out until instructed to bring them to the firing line. No loaded firearms on the range unless on the firing line and load command has been given. Eye and ear protection required. No illegal firearms are allowed. Some ranges are .22 rimfire only. At ranges that allow centerfire no rifle cartridges over 8mm cal or handgun cartridges over .45 cal are allowed.

Effective August 1st, 2021, The Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 rifle can again now be used at Project Appleseed clinics. Check details on our How to Prepare page:

Subject to state and local laws, Instructors at your event may have discounted .22 ammo available. Reach out to the contact at the bottom of this page for availability.

Range Fee: $10.00 per person/day (waived for under 18 and current Lincoln Ikes members)

Registration Fees: Range from $30-75 (please see their registration for more details)

State Laws to be aware of:

It is the responsibility of attendees to know and comply with all State and Federal Firearms Laws.


We will shoot at 25 meters. Bring a .22 rimfire rifle and some spare mags and gain valuable marksmanship skills without using up your expensive center fire ammo. You will want about 400 - 500 rounds. GI web sling highly recommended. Centerfire is welcome, so if you have a new high power rifle or new mags you want to test drive at 25-meters, that’s alright too. While it is expensive, there is no better way to learn if you can depend on your equipment than putting 400 - 500 rounds through it in two days.
Lincoln Izaak Walton League is a cold range. No Tracer, AP, or incendiary ammo allowed (fire hazard, hard on steel targets). Attracts a magnet is OK.
Please leave your rifles in the car until asked to bring them to the firing line.
Please, no handguns (concealed or open) on the firing line.
Bring layered clothing, raingear, a windbreaker, and lightweight gloves, eye protection, and hearing protection. Dress for the weather and bring raingear if forecasted. Bring a lunch, snacks, and plenty of water. A shooting jacket will be extremely helpful, especially if shooting a high power rifle, and a shooting mat may make prone and sitting positions more comfortable.

No alcohol permitted.

For more information, please contact Match Director Jeff Adamson at .