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UML 2-Gun Competition

Rifle/Pistol Matches

UML 2-Gun Competition

NOTE: All events are now listed on the calendar. For best results contact the match director to confirm any last minute changes.

2-gun competition has come to our Lincoln Izaak Walton League. This competition will follow United Multi-Gun League rules. Please refer to the UML website for the complete set of rules. This is a timed event and will involve both rifle and pistol. Shooters must address the targets as dictated by the stage brief. There will be a mix of steel and paper targets, movement during the course of fire, and drawing from the holster. Target distances will go out to 300 yards. Safety is paramount and safety rules will be strictly enforced. We do not want to put the Izaak Walton range or anybody in jeopardy. There will be a mandatory safety briefing before every match. You must attend the safety briefing in order to compete. A cold range will be in effect during the competition.

Non-members are welcome to compete. Spectators are welcomed as long as they do not pose a safety hazard.

Entry fee is $15 per match. We hope to be able to host matches once a month at our Lincoln Ikes. For the first few matches, we are limiting the number of competitors to 15 people.

Required equipment includes:

  • Safe Holster. It must have enough retention that it will not fall out during a course of fire. The holster must cover the trigger guard and active retention is highly recommended. Shoulder or cross draw holsters are not allowed. Soft holsters are discouraged.
  • Rifle. 5.45x39mm or larger caliber. The rifle must be zeroed appropriately and the competitor must be able to make accurate hits out to 300 yards.
  • Pistol. 9x19mm or larger caliber. (Maximum velocity of 1600 FPS)
  • Magazines for both firearms as needed.
  • Eye protection.
  • Ear protection.

Sign-up page: 

UML Rules: UML-Rules