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Rifle and Pistol

Rifle & Pistol Ranges Information

Rifle & Pistol Ranges Rules

All of our members receive a copy of our Rifle and Pistol Range Rules at orientation and are expected to read through these, understand and abide by them. These are also displayed on each range in one of our bulletin boards.

To view our current Rifle and Pistol Range Rules, please click on the following link:

For our current rifle/pistol range members, we have several options for rifle and pistol shooting at our Lincoln Ikes. Our ranges include 7-yard, 15-yard, 25-yard, 50-yard, 75-yard and 100-yard backers. We also have a 300-yard range that is only open when we have one of our IKEs specified RSOs on duty. With this longer range, we also require members to first qualify to shoot on this range.   

Our ranges are operated on a self-served basis on the current member’s timeframe, except when an organized event is scheduled. These are listed well ahead of time in the Chapter Newsletters and on the website calendar.

Rifle/Pistol Ranges: The hours of operation for recreational shooting for our current rifle/pistol members are open from 7:00 a.m. or sunrise, whichever is later, and ends at sunset every day.

Rifle & Pistol Ranges Available

Range 1: 25-50-75-Yard Rifle/Pistol Range

Range 2: 100-Yard Rifle Range

Range 3: 7-15-25-Yard Pistol Range

Range 4: 100-200-300-Yard supervised use rifle range (This range is only open when we have one of our Lincoln Ikes approved supervising RSOs on site. These days are noted on our website calendar for our members.)