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Membership Information

What We Do

Lincoln Izaak Walton League is a membership club.

We have rifle/pistol ranges, trap ranges, archery ranges, and a small catch-and-release youth fishing pond. Those wanting a membership to the shooting ranges must be at least 19 years old.

You must apply for membership, pay the required dues/deposits, and complete a new members orientation before having access to any of the applicable ranges.

Membership pricing is based on an annual rate during the calendar year or a year and a half membership beginning in mid-June each year. All memberships expire on December 31 of the membership year and are renewable for our current members. Beginning after July each year, we do offer new members the option of purchasing their membership through December of the following year for different membership dues. 

We are a members-volunteer driven organization. We do many things that help to improve our facilities as well as increase our youths and others’ love for the great outdoors. Our Lincoln Ikes is a great place to work alongside many others, whether it is our bi-annual Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup Days, various chapter work days, hunter education, and many other opportunities. The work that our volunteers do out here helps to keep our range fees down and so it is important for all members to help out in some way.

Become a Member

Types of Memberships & their Requirements

We offer various membership categories. Members can select the one that fits them best.


Regular memberships of $130 include National, State and Lincoln Ikes Chapter dues. Any adult member, 19 years of age and older, may procure either or both of the range cards at an additional fee of $40 for the trap range, $65 for the rifle/pistol ranges, or $105 for both ranges. That card allows any person younger than 19 and the spouse to accompany the member on the ranges without additional fees (these guest must be with the current member at all times). Other adults may be guests of the current member for an additional fee. (i.e. the $10 Daily Guest Pass for the Rifle and Pistol Ranges or additional appropriate target charges on the Trap Range.)


Life members are exempt from further payment of annual NATIONAL dues, they are members for life. Life Members still pay the State dues and chapter dues of $80, along with any annual range fees (an additional fee of $40 for the trap range, $65 for the rifle/pistol ranges, or $105 for both ranges).


Family memberships are for TWO individuals (must be 19 years of age or older) who live in the same household, and the rates are for one and a half times the regular dues rate. Combining National, State, and Lincoln Ikes Chapter dues, a Family membership costs $195 annually. The two Family members may procure either or both of the range cards at an additional fee of $40 for the trap range, $65 for the rifle/pistol ranges, or $105 for both ranges. Family members are provided voting privileges for the two (2) adult members and are allowed to have two membership cards issued to both adults for the price of one card. (This allows one spouse of the family to use the range when the other is out of town, etc.) One of the two registered family members holding a range card must accompany any other members of the family or their guests at all times when they are on the range.



Student memberships are available to individuals who are 19 thru 25 years old and are full-time students pursuing an undergraduate degree. The membership dues are reduced by 50% for the National, State, and Chapter dues for a total of $75, plus any fees for range cards at an additional fee of $40 for the trap range, $65 for the rifle/pistol ranges, or $105 for both ranges. Student members must provide birth date on the application and a copy of their current Student ID each year.